The Mechanical Animal Corporation in collaboration with Darwin Futures.

A biology lecture as a landscape painting.

MAO-A is gene that has been scientifically proven to cause impulsive violence in humans. Through the rhythmic application of certain landscape paintings to human audiences, the Corporation has discovered ways of modifying the epigenetic cycles of the MAO-A gene. We can thereby increase production of the MAO-A in exposed audiences, thereby making them less conducive to violence. To our knowledge, this is the first instance of a theatre event known to influence human evolution.

“An intense and thought-provoking experience… With a mix of down-to-earth approachability and dramatic flair, Bailey’s performance captures the wonder of life, genetics and evolution in a way that not only makes it accessible but inspiring… Profound and beautiful” – The Scotsman ****

“Loved The Softening of MAO-A… dense, moving and not much like anything else I’ve ever seen” – The Sleepwalk Collective

Created and performed by Tom Bailey.